I really enjoy specialising

I really enjoy specialising

To share a little bit of my history and experience:

Who am I?
My name is Andy Rowden. I’ve been around in this industry for almost 20 years now. I started off as an IFA, but then got introduced to mortgages and discovered that I wanted to specialize in that market. I also decided to specialise in all types of insurances to protect the mortgage payments. So I started to concentrate on those things. Thankfully I’ve always dealt with the whole market of the UK lenders (I would hate to be restricted to use a limited panel of lenders or even worse just the one because obviously there are many occasions where one size does not fit all). So I was very thankful to have access to all the different options.

What sort of mortgages do we do?
Residential mortgages like buying your own house and remortgaging your own house but also buy-to-lets and landlord mortgages. We have access to all the commercial finance specialists too and bridging loans, self-build ect…

What are some of the challenges I’ve faced at work?
Over the 20 years I’ve seen quite a few things. Obviously back in 2007/2008 I saw the biggest recession in 300 years and the world of mortgages most definitely took quite a change and quite a big hit really. But we came through all that and I’ve seen highs and lows over the other years as well.

Do I run the business alone?
My children became advisors and joined the business actually during the last 15 years. My son joined me first, and my daughter joined us after that. Lots of our business comes from existing clients, and people are refered to us through them. We’re very fortunate with that. We’ve got over 100, five-star Google reviews, which obviously we’re very proud of as well.

How did I get started in equity release?
I’ve been around quite a while obviously and a lot of my clients have been around with me as well. As I got older, the clients unfortunately got older too. 20 years ago we were talking about buying houses, having families, et cetera. 20 years later, the conversation with those same clients has changed very much to, “Okay, I’ve got a property now or maybe my mortgage is paid off/getting close to being paid off, or I want to find the most effective way to pay it off.” The subject of equity release and later life lending started coming up more and more. So clients would ask me what my thoughts were on it and if I knew anybody that could get involved in it and help them out? I did the research for a couple of years or so, and found that the best way to help out would be to get qualified in equity release. So I have, I’ve got the additional qualifications to do that.

Did I get qualified in anything else?
I also got involved and qualified in will writing as well, because that dovetails quite nicely with later life planning. We spend all these years getting our various assets together so it’s good to just make sure that they end up in the right place if anything happens to us and so on. I got qualified in that and really enjoyed specializing in that side. I still do your standard mortgages and so on, but I do particularly like the over 55 finance planning side of it.

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