Meet Our Team

Andy | The Financial Detectives

Andy Rowden
Mortgage & Protection Adviser and Later Life Lending Specialist

Andy leads our team and has worked in the financial services industry for over twenty years. His specialist areas of advice are Later Life Lending, residential and commercial mortgages and insurances.

Deborah | The Financial Detectives

Deborah Rowden

Deborah is Andy’s wife. She has worked with Andy for over 20 years and is a part-time office administrator.

Hannah | The Financial Detectives

Hannah Rowden
Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Daughter of Andy and Deb Rowden - Hannah's main role is to provide trusted and qualified advice from whole-of-market mortgages and insurances.

Dan | The Financial Detectives

Daniel Rowden
Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Dan started in financial services back in 2005, after graduating from University. He became a fully qualified adviser in 2006 and has built up a large client portfolio. His specialist areas of advice are insurance and residential mortgages.

Jess | The Financial Detectives

Jess Ash
Client Relationship Manager

Her role involves keeping in touch with our clients and is a point of contact to answer any queries during the lifetime of any of our clients mortgages or insurances.

Alyshia - Administrator - The Financial Detectives

Alyshia Schofield
Processing Manager

Alyshia, the wife of Matt, is responsible for the efficient processing of all client mortgages and insurances. This involves constant liaising with clients, lenders, insurance companies and solicitors.

Matt Schofieled - Will Planning

Matt Schofield
Wills & Estate Planning Specialist

Matt, husband of Alyshia, joined us in 2018 to help expand our wills and estate planning services. Specialising in Wills (including trusts), lasting power of attorneys and funeral plans.

Oliver - Administrator - The financial detectives

Olly Woodason
Processing Administrator

Olly works with Alyshia to ensure the efficient processing of all client mortgages and insurances. This involves constant liaising with clients, lenders, insurance companies and solicitors.

Marketing Manager - The Financial Detectives

Alastair Hull
Website & Social Media Development Manager

Coming from a background of website design and development Alastair has joined the team to improve the usability and interactivity of our website and Social Media profiles.

Milo | The Financial Detectives

Chief of Security

Our faithful companion; better at sleeping than financial planning; likes his biscuits.

Your Independent Financial Advisors

The Financial Detectives is a family-run Independent Mortgage Broker based in the heart of Taunton, Somerset. However our services cover much more than just advising and arranging mortgages, we offer whole of market access to domestic and commercial insurances and financing options as well.  We pride ourselves on our professional and friendly service giving you the advantage of dealing with an approachable, local firm.

We are advisers and not salespeople.  If the best thing for you is to change nothing, staying with your existing arrangement, then that is what we’ll advise.  We are not tied to a particular bank, lender or insurer.  This gives us the freedom to find what’s best for you from every product available.  Doing the research for a decision as important as a mortgage, life insurance or will can be daunting and time consuming.  Our experience in the industry allows us to do most of the ground work for you.  We are always up to date with the latest product developments and the nuances of each provider’s processes.  This knowledge helps you get what you need, whilst saving you time and frustration.  One of the team will keep you updated throughout the entire process, ensuring your needs are met and concerns addressed.

Being a family run business, The Financial Detectives work to build lasting relationships.  We take the time to find out about our client’s needs and circumstances, rather than just offering generic, financial advice. But don’t take our word for it, read our clients testimonials to get a truer picture of how we serve our customers.

Our History

Matt Joins The Team

Matt Schofield joins the family to help our loyal and growing client-base with sorting out their single or joint wills, Power of Attorney and Funeral Planning.

Qualified for Equity Release

Andy became qualified for helping our customers release the equity locked in their properties adding another string to our bow of financial services offered..

Hannah joins the team

Hannah joins the family business as a mortgage and insurance specialist.

The Great Re-Brand

Due to our continued growth and expansion into financial services other than just mortgage brokering we decide to rebrand ourselves as The Financial Detectives (naturally keeping the tongue-in-cheek detectives theme going)

Dan joins the team

Dan joins the family business after graduating from University, helping to expand our mortgage brokering team.

The Mortgage Detectives was Founded

The Mortgage Detectives was established by Andy and Deb Rowden after some deliberating over a name for the business, in the end a mutual enjoyment of detective novels won out and has stuck with the family to the present day.

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