Pensions and Investments

People generally ask themselves a series of very important questions as they get closer to retirement:

    • Will I run out of money during my lifetime?
    • How much income will I need when I stop work?
    • How do I arrange my affairs tax-efficiently?
    • Which is the best way to invest my money?
    • Should I help the children out while I’m still alive?
    • Will I have to pay inheritance tax when I die?
    • How do I create a financial retirement plan that is simple to follow?
    • How does my pension work and what options does it give me?
    • Should I downsize?
    • What’s the difference between Pensions, ISAs and other of the many types of investments used for retirement?
    • How do I ensure my loved ones are taken care of?

Pensions and Investments can be bamboozling at any stage of life, but when your future depends on them as you slow down your work-life, things can feel overwhelming.

Particularly with regard to pensions, the government seem to be tinkering with the rules which leaves people extremely confused about their options.

So what can you do?

It’s not surprising that things can feel a little overwhelming with so many thoughts on peoples’ minds.

As everybody’s situation is different, it can be extremely valuable to have an expert look at your specific circumstances and talk through what’s most important to you and your family, and then work with you in partnership to create a solid workable plan. That person must be someone you learn to trust who has your best interests at heart.

Whatever investments and assets you have, you can make the best of them with a little help.

We want to help you with your pension investigation! At The Financial Detectives we can refer you to our trusted partner who can advise you on all elements of your pension.